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Gold and Silver British Chinchilla Females


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 British chinchilla is famous for its beautiful color. As its popularity chinchilla compete only with British blue. And every day more and more people want to find yourself the chinchilla. What is the secret of the beauty of these cats? British chinchilla is not only unusual coat color, but her sweet temper and mind. The fact that inherited his incredibly beautiful color of the British chinchilla from Persian cats. Together with the colour of the British passed and the nature of the Persians: friendliness, kindness, calmness. At the same time, chinchillas from the British passed on their cleverness. The existence of these two distinctive features makes the British chinchilla one of the most popular breeds of cats.

British silver chinchilla cattery Luxury Cats.

British silver chinchilla is the most beautiful kitties who conquered us by their unusual coat. Standards there are two color: BRI ns11, BRI ns12. BRI ns11 is plain silver chinchilla, whose fur is painted 1/8 part black. BRI ns12 is silver shaded chinchilla. Coat in these cats 1/3 painted black. Only the length dyed hair distinguishes these two color silver chinchilla from each other. So, for silver chinchilla characteristic light veil of black on the head, back, sides, legs and tail. Silver shaded chinchilla distinguished by a dark color of hair.

A distinctive feature of silvery chinchillas is that genetically these cats should be black. This stems from the black paw pads, bordering mucous and emerald green eyes. The silvery chinchillas standards adopted only green eyes. The deeper and deeper the color, the better. However, it is worth considering that for silver shaded chinchilla standard accepted not only green, and yellow eyes. In the latter case, such British chinchilla are called computers.

British gold chinchilla cattery Luxury Cats.

Classified Golden color of the British chinchilla as BRI ny 25. there was this color rather recently, therefore, considered to be rather rare. Golden chinchilla has incredibly beautiful Golden colour of the coat. As the silver color, coat of the Golden shaded chinchilla only a certain part of length of hair. Light black veil characteristic of the back, flanks and tail of a cat. But the chin, chest and stomach cats painted in soft apricot color. Headbands mucous at the Golden chinchillas are not black and dark brown.

Breeding work with "gold" is even more difficult than with "silver". It has long been known to the owners of Persian cats. Golden British chinchilla were withdrawn almost the same pattern as silver, i.e. using the producers of the Persians. The difference is that the basis for the creation Golden British chinchillas were not silver or black tabby, and the already established silvery chinchillas. Additionally, in a population silvery chinchillas genes Golden color, could get in the early stages of their formation, as many silver Persian or exotic cat had Golden ancestors or relatives".


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